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Semi-automatic filter-press ECOPRESS SA 500

The filter-press separates the solids from liquids, the slurry is pumped into the filter press plates, being dewatered under pressure.

The filter-press is a smarter alternative to the use of inconvenient Big Bag filters by reducing the volume of mud and the number of bags stored, the sludge is therefore immediately ready for disposal.

  • Works not only for the stone industry, but also with all precast, ready-mix and concrete grinding & cutting operations;
  • Recycle truck wash out waters;
  • Cleaning settling tanks;
  • Recycle aggregate wash waters;
  • Capture & treat surface runoff waters;
  • Recycle site waste waters for reuse;
  • Integrates with any existing clarifier, slurry tank and/or pit;
  • System can include a variety of options, tanks for slurry and storage.
water filtration for marble industry - semiautomatic filter-press sa500 - Italmecc

Ecopress SA 500

water filtration for marble industry - semiautomatic filter-press sa500 - Italmecc
semiautomatic filter-press sa500 - water filtration - marble industry

Sludge processing pump

Dehydrated mud panels - water filtration marble industry

Dehydrated mud panels

Technical specs - Ecopress SA 500

Ecopress SA 500​ - Docs

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