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ITALMECC is a trusted expert in liquid/solid separation and offers a wide range of filter types and capacities to suit specific application needs for trouble-free, economical filtration system.


CNC machines spindle lubrification has become a crucial point in the last years. These spindles, normally requires a water depuration level difficult to obtain with a standard filtration system (from a Silo or filter-presses).
The Italmecc Bluwater CNC filter is the solution. Thanks to its patented self-cleaning system, it can feed easly up to 3 to 4 CNCs simultaneously;
The depuration level released it is estabilished at 25µ (we can go down at 3µ if requested) of filtered water. Thanks to this smart application there is no necessity to filter further the clear water by using a filter-press that slowly stock a tank.
In this way you save space and plant complexity.

self cleaning filter BLUWATER - spindle filtration

Self-cleaning filter BLUWATER

self cleaning filter BLUWATER - spindle filtration

CNC FILTER is made in:

  • Stainless Steel (Body and Frame);
  • Internal Filter Disc pack in special Polyester;

What is it for:

  • Feeding Recycled water to the machines
  • Controlled micron filterage
  • Indicated for CNC spindles protection.

 Why choose it:

  • Elimination of the expensive spare cartridges
  • Consequently saving of time for the replacement of the cartridges
  • Automatic Self-cleaning system
  • PLC controlled system (Full Automatic and/or Manual driven)
  • Just One filter to feed up to 4 machines simultaneously
  • Filtering capacity degree up to 1 micron (1 µm) – Patented.
  • It protects spindles and all the equipment in contact with water from the abrasion
  • It reduces the limestone deposits

How Big is 1 micron (1µm)

  • A red blood cell Diameter measures 8 µm, An hair Diameter measures about 71 µm.
  • For this consideration, we advise to use as the final release stage, a filter of 25 µm.
  • Spindle manufacturers indicates a working range between 25 to 54 µm.
  • Many companies work in reality with a range of about 100 µm without problems for years.
  • By keeping 25 µm as output, we can feed up to 3 to 4 machines.

The CNC Filter is equipped of:

  • Electronic control unit operating automatically at pre settled times, through:
  • Differential pressure switch;
  • Manual control for eventual necessities of control and inspections/services;
  • Gear motor for filters rotation (operating only during the cleaning phase);


    1. Liquid inled to be filtered
    2. Disc washing residue outlet
    3. Filtered liquid outlet
    4. City water inlet for Autimatic filter cleaning

What is a CNC filter:

  1. The CNC Filter is used in liquid/solid separation.
  2. It is installed just after the Boosting pump group.
  3. The task is to perfectly filter the clarified water released for the Silo water clarifier in a controlled mode.

Specifically, the CNC filter separates the liquids and solids using a series of rotary filtration discs, wherein the clarified water pumped into the filter body will supply all the machinery protecting their Spindles from the abrasion.

Our filter is specifically designed based on the volume and type of water that needs to be perfectly filltered

Our filter is specifically designed based on the volume and type of water that needs to be perfectly filltered

The four main components of a CNC filter include the frame, filter body, Rotary filter discs, manifold (piping and valves), key element for optimizing filterage operations avoiding the expensive needs to change the cartridges and the collateral issuses that creates abrasive water.

The CNC filter represents the State-of-the-art technology for filtering recycled water in a controlled mode.

The self-cleaning system guarantees a stable level of filtration while maintaining parameters unchanged. The self-cleaning cycle takes place by subjecting the lamellar pack filter discs to a high pressure water jet by rotating them on a robust rotor shaft. In this way the cleaning is perfect.

Cartridge Filters BLUWATER SA

Technical specs BLUWATER CNC

BLUWATER CNC spindle filtration - Docs

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