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Clarification process in stone industry

marble stone industry operation plant water filtration ITALMECC
Clarified water collection tank - water filtration - marble industry

Clarified water collection tank

Sludge standardization tank - water filtration - marble industry

Sludge homogeneization tank

A. Waste water, coming from production process, is collected into a pit

B. Sump pump placed inside the pit sends the waste water, through the central pipe, deep inside the clarifier

C. Flocculant solution, prepared with our BLUFLOC station, is injected in this phase starting the separation process of the mud from the water

D. Clarified water rises up and overflow from the top of the silo, being collected into a storage tank, ready to be used again in the production process

E. The WATERBOOST boosting pump group sends pressurized water to the machines clarifying it further by the BLUWATER CNC filter (optional).

F. The mud, thickened on the bottom of the clarifier, is discharged into the filter-press homogenizer tank
The ECOPRESS filter-press dehydrates and compresses the mud until it obtains completely dry panels, ready to be disposed

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