Airbox: the dust collector with water filtering

A dust collector with water technology

The Airbox dust collector with water filtering guarantees great use versatility during various stone workings. The structure in AISI 304 stainless steel is very sturdy and the low maintenance required makes this dust collector the most common for companies in stone industries and more .

Dust collector with water filtering

The technology of our dust collectors uses special brass nozzles that create a waterfall. This barrier prevents the passage of dust, capturing it and knocking it down in the below recovery tank. The Airbox can be used with dry and water tools. It is also equipped with powerful fans that allow optimal suction even at considerable distances from the machine. The operator can therefore work in complete safety and with maximum freedom of movement.

The Magnum suction arm

Sometimes there is a need to further expand the work area, moving away a few meters from the dust collector. For this reason we have designed the Magnum suction arm, the best support to extend the working areas up to 8 meters from the dust collector. Magnum therefore significantly increases the Airbox ‘s versatility, by ensuring a great position flexibility, it permits to the operator a huge versatility. This suction arm can also be used with our dry dust extractors such as Airdry suction wall.

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    How does a clarification system work ?

    scheme of a purification plants system operation

    Water clarification is the process ,thanks to which, we can obtain the separation of the mud from the water. Since 1985 our company has been designing and manufacturing plants for water and dust clarification in stone and glass production processes. Our thirty- year experience allows us to support customers in choosing the best solution to satisfy the always more restrictive laws regarding employees and environmental safety. Clicking here you can see some systems we have supplied all over the world, from Germany to Australia, from USA to Mexico.

    How our clarification system works

    scheme of a purification plants system operation











    A. Waste water coming from the production process, is collected into a pit equipped with a submersible pump (1).

    B. the pump sends the waste water to a standard clarifier (3) or to a clarifier with lamellar packs (3).

    C. If required and after accurate tests on sample waste water , the flocculent solution prepared inside the SKID (2), is injected into the clarifier, beginning the separation process of sludge from water.

    D. Clarified water , freed of suspended sludge weight, rises up and overflows from the top of the silo and collected into a storage tank (4). Water is then ready to be used again the production process thanks to Smart Boost (5) booster pumps.

    E. The mud, collected on the bottom of the clarifier, is discharged into the filter press homogenization tank ( 6) or into special bags.

    F.  The thickened sludge is pumped through the filter press (7), which dehydrates and compresses it obtaining completely dried panels, ready to be disposed. The filter press is sized according to dimensions and type of installed system.

    The following video shows an example of the clarification system operation.


    The SKID, that is the flocculent dosing station



    SKID a semi-automatic dosing station

    Flocculent (or o Poly-electrolyte) is a non-harmful chemical product that strongly increases the depuration performances of the system. Thanks to its action, the suspended solid sludge particles, aggregate each other forming larger particles, which are heavier and easier to be separated from the water.

    Our SKID is a semi-automatic or full automatic flocculent dosing station provided of:

    • agitator to keep the flocculent solution properly mixed,

    • high precision membrane dosing pump,

    • connection to the water treatment main control box.


    Filtration for CNC spindles

    a purification plant self cleaning filter for CNC machines

    On request, our water treatment systems, can be also equipped with special CNC filters , developed to meet the cooling requirements of CNC machines’ spindles. These spindles, normally requires a water depuration level difficult to be obtained just with the standard filtration. The application of these filters, allows to increase the filtering performances of the system, reaching the required depuration level.

    We currently have two types of filters in our production range:

    • the self –cleaning filter to feed up to 5 CNC machines with a purification constant up to 20μ;
    • the cartridge filter to feed one CNC, but which is able to reach 3 gradual depuration stages in 100μ, 60μ and 25μ.

    For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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      The new Air Quattro and Blucomb BCM 11

      Two news have pointed out our presence at the Marmomac 2019: the revised version of the dry dust collector bench Air Quattro and the BCM 11, which is the 11.000 litres model of our lamellar water clarifier. Both were successful, catching the interest of many visitors.

      Dust collector bench Air Quattro – new version 2019

      We have introduced many technical innovations which make the Air Quattro, our dry dust collector bench, even more performing. In this new version we replaced the cartridge filters with high efficiency and easier to clean filtering sleeves. They also have a Snap-ring joint, which allows a quick and handy removal.

      We improved the suction capacity by repositioning the motor, which now has a more direct aspiration line with the ingoing slots. This repositioning allowed us to install an outgoing chimney for the purified air, which in this way is conveyed upwards. This is a great advantage compared to all other similar products on the market, which discharge the exhaust air from the sides of the bench, creating a lot of annoyance to people who works near the bench. On request we can even supply pipes to conveying this air outside the building.

      Finally, we installed three plugs on the control panel, to allow workers to connect working tools normally used.


      Lamellar packs water clarifier compact system

      Lamellar packs water clarifier BCM 11

      In Verona we announced a new model of the BCM Blucomb Monobloc with capacity of 11.000 litres. This variant of our compact lamellar water clarifier exceeds by just 50 cm the height of the BCM 8.5. The new model maintains all the characteristics of the Blucomb series, allowing to treat high quantity of water in reduced overall dimensions. To grant a higher depuration level and at the same time keep the clarifier cleaned inside, it’s possible to install two self-cleaning systems, which can be controlled from the main PLC: one is for the filter press and the other one is for the lamellar packs. The capacity of the BCM 11 is suitable for medium – sized company: its structure allows to to ship it via container and install it very easily through few operations. These characteristics attracted the interest of many visitors which came to visit us during Marmomac.

      2019, a year full of news

      2019 has been a year dedicated to innovation for us. We started in January at the TISE 2019 in Las Vegas where we presented the BCM 8.5 and we arrived in September at the Marmomac where we brought the BCM 11 and the new version of the Air Quattro. Innovation is a core value for us, in fact we are always looking for new solutions to meet our customer’s needs.

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        We wait for you at Marmomac 2019

        Map of marmo mac fair in Verona

        This year too we wait for you at Marmomac, the most important international show dedicated to
        the marble industry. From September 25 th to 28 th you will find us at the Verona Fair at the booth E/5
        in Hall 5.
        During the fair we will exhibit some of our machines:
        The Bcm 8.5, a lamellar pack water clarifier in compact Monobloc version;
        The Air Dry, a dry dust collector cabin;
        The Air Quattro, a dry dust collector bench.
        In the map here below you can find the Hall 5.

        The map of marmomac fair in Verona

        Marmomac 2019: Practical information

        Marmomac takes place at the Verona Fair, located a few minutes from the Verona Porta Nuova train

        Arriving by car: From the A4 take the Verona Sud exit, while from the A22 Brennero motorway
        take the Verona Nord exit.

        For those coming by train or plane: during the days of the event, shuttle bus services connect the
        fair with the Catullo Airport and the Porta Nuova Station (stop at the sidewalk E of the Station
        square). On other days you must use line transport or taxis. Click here for more information on how
        to reach the fair.

        As for tickets, we recommend using the online ticket office, where you can get lower prices than
        those applied at the cash desk. You can also enter any discount codes you have.


        An increasingly international business

        Now in its 54 th edition, Marmomac is a fair that represents the entire chain of the stone industry that
        in 2018 has globally achieved more than 18 billion interchanges and which sees Italian industry at
        the top of the list for the added value of the production that last year has exceeded 4 billion euros,
        73% of which achieved thanks to exports.
        Marmomac has a high international appeal, confirmed by the numbers recorded in the 2018 edition
        with 62% of the 1,616 exhibiting companies and 68,000 operators from 150 nations of the world.
        The commercial opportunities related to the stone remain at the centre of the show, divided in the
        various product categories. The theme for the 2019 edition is Naturality, that is the naturalness of
        the stone in its purest aspect which enhances its uniqueness and geodiversity, underlined by its
        inclusion in a green setting, alluding to the link between the flora and mineral world.
        The program of conferences and events is available here.


        Visit us at Marmomac!
        Write to us to organize a meeting or to ask about our machines.

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          Mamomac 2019: come and discover our machines

          Lamellar packs water clarifier compact system

          Marmomac, the most important event in the world for the lithic sector, returns from September 25 th
          to 28 th at the Verona Fair. As every year we will be there with some of our products: the BCM 8.5,
          the Air Dry and the Air Quattro. Come and visit us at booth E/5 in Hall 5.

          Marmomac gives visibility to the entire marble and stone supply chain, from raw to finished
          products, from processing technologies to sludge purification systems. This is an unmissable event
          for field experts both for business opportunities and for the possibility of professional updating.

          Marmomac: exhibitors and visitors

          Marmomac is a constantly growing exhibition and it is able to attract exhibitors and visitors from all
          over the world. Numbers are unequivocal:

          1.616 Exhibitors
          55 countries represented
          62% International Exhibitors
          80,845 square meters of exhibition space

          68,000 visitors
          150 nations of origin
          62% International Visitors

          Data available on Marmomac website, click here for more details.



          Lamellar packs water clarifier compact system
          BCM 8.5 – Lamellar packs water clarifier compact system by italmecc


          In our booth E / 5 located in Hall 5 you can see the BCM 8.5 A compact monobloc system which is
          an evolution of the Blucomb series, our lamellar pack clarifiers. Its capacity of 8,500 litres is
          suitable for small and medium-sized companies and its structure allows it to be shipped and
          installed very easily through few operations. The contained dimensions (2,200 x 2,200 mm), are
          suitable for laboratories with limited space available too. It is also possible to equip it with a self-
          cleaning system for the lamellar packs to guarantee a greater rate of purification and at the same
          time, to keep the clarifier cleaner. For more information on this, please consult the page dedicated to
          the Blucomb series.

          AIR DRY and AIR QUATTRO

          In addition to the BCM 8.5, during Marmomac will be exhibited our dry dust collectors: Air Dry
          and Air Quattro. Air Dry is dry suction cabin, equipped with hydro and oil-repellent filtration
          sleeves for greater durability. The Air Quattro is a dry bench dust collector. In this article you will
          find more information

          Come and visit us. We look forward to seeing you at stand E / 5 in Hall 5.
          Get in touch with us to organize a meeting at the fair and to ask us for more information on our

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            How to choose the proper water clarifier

            water clarifier

            Are you looking for a water clarifier for your water treatment system?
            You’ve found the right web site. In fact, thanks to our long-time experience, we created the “C
            series” silo, the most required water clarified in the market. Its optimal construction characteristics
            combined with the positioning versatility, make it a product which is suitable for almost the totality
            of the companies in stone and glass industries. It’s completely made in Stainless Steel AISI 304 and
            it represents the flagship of the water clarifiers.

            water clarifier

            “C series” silo specs

            In relation to the model, “C series” silo, can treat from 120 to 4.000 lt/min of dirty water and it can
            be provided with Big Bag Holder or Filter-press.
            Filter-press has a touch-screen panel that permits the operator to controls the whole water treatment
            system, in an easy and quick way. Furthermore it can works in both: semi-automatic and full
            automatic way.

            This video shows how a water treatment system, provided of “C series” silo, works:

            How to choose the best water clarifier for your needs

            Every company has its own needs in terms of water requirement and space available. Our “C
            series” silo is available in 9 different models with capacity from 4.000 to 83.000 liters. This large
            range permits us to satisfy the requests from many customers. Click here to see the page with all the technical specs of our silo models.

            We also have created the Blucomb, another water clarifier but provided of lamellar packs which is
            able to treat high quantity of water maintaining reduced dimensions. You can find its technical
            featured here.


            Do you need more information about our water clarifiers?
            Contact us. We will help you to find the best solution for your needs.

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              The filter-press on the water clarification process

              a filter-press

              Filter-press is a very useful equipment, part of the water clarification system, for stone and glass industries.

              The purpose of the filter-press is to compress the mud produced during all working processes, creating dehydrated panels ready to be disposed.

              Italmecc staff provides its over 30 years of experience to guarantee the healthy and the safety of the environment. To reach these targets, we project and produce high quality solutions for dust controls and water depuration.

              To provide the most dynamic solution to each request of water treatment system, we produce two kinds of filter-press as herewith described.

              ECOPRESS 300 – Compact filter-press

              a filter-press
              ECOPRESS 300/4

              a filter-press
              ECOPRESS 300/8

              It is a compact filter-press provided of plates with dimensions 300 x 300mm. It is the ideal solution for all the small and medium companies. ECOPRESS 300 permits to treats the mud very quickly even where the space available is very limited. Completely made in stainless steel AISI 304, this kind of filter-press is produced in two models: 300/4 (with 4 plates) and 300/8 (with 8 plates).Both models can be mounted on our lamellar clarifier: Blucomb BCM 8.5 in the compact monobloc version.

              Click here to have more information regarding our filter-press model ECOPRESS 300.

              ECOPRESS 500 and 800 – High efficiency filter-press


              a filter-press
              ECOPRESS 500


              a filter-press
              ECOPRESS  800

              These high efficiency filter-presses are available with plates dimensions of 500 x 500mm and 800 x 800mm. ECOPRESS 500 and ECOPRESS 800 are designed for medium and large companies. They are produced with high quality materials which made them strong and resistant along the time. They are provided of touch-screen panel that guarantee an easy and quick management of the whole water filtration system; both in semi-automatic and full automatic way.

              Click here to get more detailed information on these filter-presses.

              Are you looking for a solution on your water filtration problems?

              Would you like to receive more information on our products?

              Do not hesitate to contact us.

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                Our dry dust collectors showing up in Germany

                dry dust collectors benches

                On 18th and 19th May we exposed our dry dust collectors, the Air Dry and the Air Quattro, at the König Open House in Karlsruhe. The fair was organized by J. König, our exclusive distributor for Germany, and it took place at the company headquarters, which has an expo area of 2.500 square meters. The Open House attracted more than a thousand visitors from all over the country and there were around 60 partner companies of J. König. This is the second event for its relevance in the German stone industry. For this event we exposed our two dry depuration systems.

                Air Dry – dry dust collector

                Air Dry is a Suction cabin with dry technology provided with water and oil proof filtering sleeves that give longer life time. The aspiration system, which is composed by big capacity fans with high acoustic insulation, produce a very efficient suction flow. Indeed the mounted filters allow a filtering efficiency which reach 99%. The aspired dust fall down into the collection boxes which are easy to empty. Our dry dust collectors are available in two different versions: Air Dry 330 and Air Dry 430.

                Air Quattro – dry collector bench

                The dry collector bench Air Quattro uses the same filtration system as the Air Dry aspiration cabin. Designed to increase the filtering capacity of the traditional water bench, it grants to the operator a flexible usage during all the working phases. As for the Air Dry, the self-cleaning process is controlled by the internal PLC. The dust, removed from the filters, is collected into the drawers on the bottom of the machine. Mobile bulkheads also allow to drive aspiration flow as preferred, making it stronger in some areas, if required.

                This year too, the experience was exciting and full of interesting meetings. We sincerely thank J. König for inviting us at their Open House and we also thank all the visitors who visited our stand in these two days. Our next meeting in Germany is already scheduled: from the 17th to the 20th June 2020 we will be at the Stone+tec in Nürnberg. Don’t miss it and come to visit us

                Are you looking for a solution for problems regarding water and dust depuration in the stone industry?

                We can look after you from design to installation, without overlooking the post-sales service. Contact us to have further information on our products.

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                  The Natural Stone Show 2019

                  We will show up at The Natural Stone Show 2019 in collaboration with our UK partner DZambelis. The exhibition will take place from the 30th of April to the 2nd of May 2019.

                  Come and visit us at the ExCeL London, booth A40-B40.

                  At The Natural Stone Show 2019 our staff, in collaboration with our UK partner DZambelis, will be at your complete disposal to update you and give you all the information about our water and dust depuration systems.

                  For further informations, don’t hesitate to contact us.