scheme of a purification plants system operation

Water clarification is the process ,thanks to which, we can obtain the separation of the mud from the water. Since 1985 our company has been designing and manufacturing plants for water and dust clarification in stone and glass production processes. Our thirty- year experience allows us to support customers in choosing the best solution to satisfy the always more restrictive laws regarding employees and environmental safety. Clicking here you can see some systems we have supplied all over the world, from Germany to Australia, from USA to Mexico.

How our clarification system works

scheme of a purification plants system operation











A. Waste water coming from the production process, is collected into a pit equipped with a submersible pump (1).

B. the pump sends the waste water to a standard clarifier (3) or to a clarifier with lamellar packs (3).

C. If required and after accurate tests on sample waste water , the flocculent solution prepared inside the SKID (2), is injected into the clarifier, beginning the separation process of sludge from water.

D. Clarified water , freed of suspended sludge weight, rises up and overflows from the top of the silo and collected into a storage tank (4). Water is then ready to be used again the production process thanks to Smart Boost (5) booster pumps.

E. The mud, collected on the bottom of the clarifier, is discharged into the filter press homogenization tank ( 6) or into special bags.

F.  The thickened sludge is pumped through the filter press (7), which dehydrates and compresses it obtaining completely dried panels, ready to be disposed. The filter press is sized according to dimensions and type of installed system.

The following video shows an example of the clarification system operation.


The SKID, that is the flocculent dosing station



SKID a semi-automatic dosing station

Flocculent (or o Poly-electrolyte) is a non-harmful chemical product that strongly increases the depuration performances of the system. Thanks to its action, the suspended solid sludge particles, aggregate each other forming larger particles, which are heavier and easier to be separated from the water.

Our SKID is a semi-automatic or full automatic flocculent dosing station provided of:

  • agitator to keep the flocculent solution properly mixed,

  • high precision membrane dosing pump,

  • connection to the water treatment main control box.


Filtration for CNC spindles

a purification plant self cleaning filter for CNC machines

On request, our water treatment systems, can be also equipped with special CNC filters , developed to meet the cooling requirements of CNC machines’ spindles. These spindles, normally requires a water depuration level difficult to be obtained just with the standard filtration. The application of these filters, allows to increase the filtering performances of the system, reaching the required depuration level.

We currently have two types of filters in our production range:

  • the self –cleaning filter to feed up to 5 CNC machines with a purification constant up to 20μ;
  • the cartridge filter to feed one CNC, but which is able to reach 3 gradual depuration stages in 100μ, 60μ and 25μ.

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