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AIR BOX Dust Suction Cabin

the perfect ally for any type of work you have to do.

The large front suction mouth, permit an efficient and homogenous aspiration on all machine front surface. The Air Box is suitable for any type of work, be it on a workbench, workstand, or for statues. Suitable for dust of stone, concrete, glass, wood, metals.
The pump placed inside the water recycling tank feeds the high-performance nozzles mounted on two different stage pipes that create a twin barrier of finely atomized water. the aspirator attracts the dusty air and makes it pass through the atomised water. The powders, once in contact with water, turn into mud. Periodically, the sludge deposited in the tank must be removed and the exhausted water replaced.
  • Machine fully made in Stainless Steel
  • Powerful aspiration (thanks to its two motor-fans)
  • Suitable for Dry and Water tools cut
  • Water filter honeycomb grid (removable from the front)
  • Spray nozzles made in brass (patented self-purging and inspectable system)
  • Quick & Easy maintenance operations
water dust collector - ITALMECC - marble industry

Water dust collector

water dust collector - ITALMECC - marble industry

Nebulization nozzles


Technical specs - AIR BOX

AIR BOX - Docs

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