Dry Dust Collector Customized by Italmecc

We can customize our machineries to meet the specific needs of your company. In fact, thanks to our more than thirty years of experience, we are able to give a design response to the most particular needs. Our technicians can adapt the machineries, by changing the dimensions to adapt them to any working laboratory or by making any technical specifications not foreseen in the standard product. Recently we have been asked to modify our Air Dry suction system and therefore we have done a customized model

Dry Dust Collector Customized by Italmecc

Air Dry, the dry wall cabin

Air Dry is a dry wall cabin that uses hydro and oil-repellent filtration sleeves. Its self-cleaning system, controlled by PLC, cleans the sleeves in sequence letting the dust settle in the drawers below. The powerful fans supplied and the large front grille ensure effective and homogeneous suction on the entire front surface. Two versions are currently in production: AIR DRY 330 and AIR DRY 430, whose technical specifications can be viewed on the dedicated page on our website.

Air Dry is an excellent device to prevent silicosis and to protect the environment, as we explained in a previous article. This machine is one of our flagship products and last May we exhibited it at the König Open House in Karlsruhe, one of the most important German
trade fairs. The event was organized by J. König, our exclusive distributor in Germany.


How to customize Air Dry machine

On customer’s request, we have designed the Air Dry 230, a special suction cabin. This machine is equipped with 88 class M certified water repellent filter sleeves, which allow a greater degree of purification. It is also possible to manage the two motors of the machine
separately, obtaining, in this way, an optimal suction. Moreover, the Air Dry 230 has been designed with more compact dimensions than the two standard versions, in order to make handling even easier

Dry Dust Collector Customized by Italmecc

Technical characteristics of the Air Dry 230

Machine Data U.M.
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) mm. 2620 x 1830 x h2350
Weight Kg. 1400
Suction motor
Number of motors N. 2
Power (for each motor ) kW 2.2 + 2.2
Amperage (for each motor) A 5 + 5
Voltage, Frequency Volt – Hz 400 – 50
Suction power (for each motor) (with free entry) M3/h 10.000+10.000
Noise level dB 76 – 80
Dust suppression % 99,5
Filtering sleeves Nr. 88

If you want to find out how to customize our products, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to give you more information and to study together the best  solutions for the specific needs of your company.

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