A dust collector with water technology

The Airbox dust collector with water filtering guarantees great use versatility during various stone workings. The structure in AISI 304 stainless steel is very sturdy and the low maintenance required makes this dust collector the most common for companies in stone industries and more .

Dust collector with water filtering

The technology of our dust collectors uses special brass nozzles that create a waterfall. This barrier prevents the passage of dust, capturing it and knocking it down in the below recovery tank. The Airbox can be used with dry and water tools. It is also equipped with powerful fans that allow optimal suction even at considerable distances from the machine. The operator can therefore work in complete safety and with maximum freedom of movement.

The Magnum suction arm

Sometimes there is a need to further expand the work area, moving away a few meters from the dust collector. For this reason we have designed the Magnum suction arm, the best support to extend the working areas up to 8 meters from the dust collector. Magnum therefore significantly increases the Airbox ‘s versatility, by ensuring a great position flexibility, it permits to the operator a huge versatility. This suction arm can also be used with our dry dust extractors such as Airdry suction wall.

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