The new Air Quattro and Blucomb BCM 11

Two news have pointed out our presence at the Marmomac 2019: the revised version of the dry dust collector bench Air Quattro and the BCM 11, which is the 11.000 litres model of our lamellar water clarifier. Both were successful, catching the interest of many visitors.

Dust collector bench Air Quattro – new version 2019

We have introduced many technical innovations which make the Air Quattro, our dry dust collector bench, even more performing. In this new version we replaced the cartridge filters with high efficiency and easier to clean filtering sleeves. They also have a Snap-ring joint, which allows a quick and handy removal.

We improved the suction capacity by repositioning the motor, which now has a more direct aspiration line with the ingoing slots. This repositioning allowed us to install an outgoing chimney for the purified air, which in this way is conveyed upwards. This is a great advantage compared to all other similar products on the market, which discharge the exhaust air from the sides of the bench, creating a lot of annoyance to people who works near the bench. On request we can even supply pipes to conveying this air outside the building.

Finally, we installed three plugs on the control panel, to allow workers to connect working tools normally used.


Lamellar packs water clarifier compact system

Lamellar packs water clarifier BCM 11

In Verona we announced a new model of the BCM Blucomb Monobloc with capacity of 11.000 litres. This variant of our compact lamellar water clarifier exceeds by just 50 cm the height of the BCM 8.5. The new model maintains all the characteristics of the Blucomb series, allowing to treat high quantity of water in reduced overall dimensions. To grant a higher depuration level and at the same time keep the clarifier cleaned inside, it’s possible to install two self-cleaning systems, which can be controlled from the main PLC: one is for the filter press and the other one is for the lamellar packs. The capacity of the BCM 11 is suitable for medium – sized company: its structure allows to to ship it via container and install it very easily through few operations. These characteristics attracted the interest of many visitors which came to visit us during Marmomac.

2019, a year full of news

2019 has been a year dedicated to innovation for us. We started in January at the TISE 2019 in Las Vegas where we presented the BCM 8.5 and we arrived in September at the Marmomac where we brought the BCM 11 and the new version of the Air Quattro. Innovation is a core value for us, in fact we are always looking for new solutions to meet our customer’s needs.

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    Map of marmo mac fair in Verona