How to choose the proper water clarifier

Are you looking for a water clarifier for your water treatment system?
You’ve found the right web site. In fact, thanks to our long-time experience, we created the “C
series” silo, the most required water clarified in the market. Its optimal construction characteristics
combined with the positioning versatility, make it a product which is suitable for almost the totality
of the companies in stone and glass industries. It’s completely made in Stainless Steel AISI 304 and
it represents the flagship of the water clarifiers.

water clarifier

“C series” silo specs

In relation to the model, “C series” silo, can treat from 120 to 4.000 lt/min of dirty water and it can
be provided with Big Bag Holder or Filter-press.
Filter-press has a touch-screen panel that permits the operator to controls the whole water treatment
system, in an easy and quick way. Furthermore it can works in both: semi-automatic and full
automatic way.

This video shows how a water treatment system, provided of “C series” silo, works:

How to choose the best water clarifier for your needs

Every company has its own needs in terms of water requirement and space available. Our “C
series” silo is available in 9 different models with capacity from 4.000 to 83.000 liters. This large
range permits us to satisfy the requests from many customers. Click here to see the page with all the technical specs of our silo models.

We also have created the Blucomb, another water clarifier but provided of lamellar packs which is
able to treat high quantity of water maintaining reduced dimensions. You can find its technical
featured here.


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