The filter-press on the water clarification process

Filter-press is a very useful equipment, part of the water clarification system, for stone and glass industries.

The purpose of the filter-press is to compress the mud produced during all working processes, creating dehydrated panels ready to be disposed.

Italmecc staff provides its over 30 years of experience to guarantee the healthy and the safety of the environment. To reach these targets, we project and produce high quality solutions for dust controls and water depuration.

To provide the most dynamic solution to each request of water treatment system, we produce two kinds of filter-press as herewith described.

ECOPRESS 300 – Compact filter-press

a filter-press


a filter-press


It is a compact filter-press provided of plates with dimensions 300 x 300mm. It is the ideal solution for all the small and medium companies. ECOPRESS 300 permits to treats the mud very quickly even where the space available is very limited. Completely made in stainless steel AISI 304, this kind of filter-press is produced in two models: 300/4 (with 4 plates) and 300/8 (with 8 plates).Both models can be mounted on our lamellar clarifier: Blucomb BCM 8.5 in the compact monobloc version.

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ECOPRESS 500 and 800 – High efficiency filter-press


a filter-press



a filter-press


These high efficiency filter-presses are available with plates dimensions of 500 x 500mm and 800 x 800mm. ECOPRESS 500 and ECOPRESS 800 are designed for medium and large companies. They are produced with high quality materials which made them strong and resistant along the time. They are provided of touch-screen panel that guarantee an easy and quick management of the whole water filtration system; both in semi-automatic and full automatic way.

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