Our dry dust collectors showing up in Germany

On 18th and 19th May we exposed our dry dust collectors, the Air Dry and the Air Quattro, at the König Open House in Karlsruhe. The fair was organized by J. König, our exclusive distributor for Germany, and it took place at the company headquarters, which has an expo area of 2.500 square meters. The Open House attracted more than a thousand visitors from all over the country and there were around 60 partner companies of J. König. This is the second event for its relevance in the German stone industry. For this event we exposed our two dry depuration systems.

Air Dry – dry dust collector

Air Dry is a Suction cabin with dry technology provided with water and oil proof filtering sleeves that give longer life time. The aspiration system, which is composed by big capacity fans with high acoustic insulation, produce a very efficient suction flow. Indeed the mounted filters allow a filtering efficiency which reach 99%. The aspired dust fall down into the collection boxes which are easy to empty. Our dry dust collectors are available in two different versions: Air Dry 330 and Air Dry 430.

Air Quattro – dry collector bench

The dry collector bench Air Quattro uses the same filtration system as the Air Dry aspiration cabin. Designed to increase the filtering capacity of the traditional water bench, it grants to the operator a flexible usage during all the working phases. As for the Air Dry, the self-cleaning process is controlled by the internal PLC. The dust, removed from the filters, is collected into the drawers on the bottom of the machine. Mobile bulkheads also allow to drive aspiration flow as preferred, making it stronger in some areas, if required.

This year too, the experience was exciting and full of interesting meetings. We sincerely thank J. König for inviting us at their Open House and we also thank all the visitors who visited our stand in these two days. Our next meeting in Germany is already scheduled: from the 17th to the 20th June 2020 we will be at the Stone+tec in Nürnberg. Don’t miss it and come to visit us

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